How to Find the Best Shower Arms & Extensions

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If you have ever been in a situation where you have had to bend your neck down while taking a shower, then at least you know how important shower arms are. Showers with low shower heads will leave you contorting your poor neck as you try to get a drop of water on your face and hair. If you have ever been in such showers, you would think they were installed for hobbits. However, you can have a comfortable showering experience if you just find the best shower arms and extensions for your bathroom.

woman taking showerThe best shower arms come with extensions that allow you to raise and lower the shower head to adjust to your height. Below are guidelines on how to find the best showers & extensions so that you won’t have to struggle to feel the waterfall on your hair as you shower.
What to look for if you want the best shower arms


Shower arms come in different configurations. They include standard shower arms; ceiling mounted shower arms and S-shaped shower arms. If your bathroom has a modern design, then the best choice of shower arms to go for will be S-shaped and adjustable shower arms.


You should choose a shower arm that is built to last. Shower top picked shower arm extensions are made from different materials as some are made of plastic while others are made of metal. If you go for a shower arm that is made of metal, ensure that the material will not tarnish easily and is easy to upkeep. If you go for a plastic model, ensure that you choose one that is resistant to lime build-up.

Shower head fit

You should ensure that the shower arm you are about to purchase is going to fit the shower head in your bathroom. You can take the measurements of your shower head before heading out to buy shower arms.


shower Your shower head should match the shower arm that you want to purchase. For example, if your shower head is a chrome one, then I would suggest that you go for a chrome shower arm as well. This will make the shower arm blend well with the shower head.

In recap, shower arms play a very important role in determining how comfortable your bathing experience will be. This is because if your shower arms are short, you will have to bend to wash your hair and face, and if they are too long, the water slows down before reaching your body.
This is why finding the best shower arms and extensions is the solution you need if you want to have the best showering experience.