Different Materials Used In Building

rock materials

Building materials and building products are different. Building products involve items like windows and doors etc. whereas building materials are elements that are used to make supporting structure to hold a building together. Building materials are employed in the actual construction of a building. There are different types of building materials that are available in the market most of the materials has been in use for a very long time. Click here to Get shade and enjoy your backyard with the building material of your choice.

Building materials are in categorized in two;


Natural materials this includes; leaves, rocks, twigs, sand and clay and synthetic materials which include materials that have to go through a process to give an end product e.g. plastic.


It is an old build material, however, used in the modern day. Thatch is very cheap and also known for having excellent insulation properties; thatch is easily harvested thus readily available.


Rock is one of the oldest building materials. It is a very long-lasting building material to be used and also very protective in its functioning. It is, however, massive and does not keep the room warm.


Ice is an orthodox building material. Ice has been used for an extended period by igloos, who leave in freezing places. In modern times ice is used to build hotels as the tourist attraction in icy areas.


Earth is used in creating walls. The walls are constructed by putting mud between planks, and that is done very tightly. In the past, the process was done by hand, but with technological advancement, machines are being used to put the mud between the planks. House that is made with clay are hot in winter and cooler in summer as dirt helps in maintain constant temperatures.


Cement us made from rock. Cement being durable thus a favorite for most people in building and construction. When choosing to use wood with adhesive ensure that the wood is compatible with cement. Compatibility of timber and glue is critical as wood has dangerous organic compounds that are soluble with wood.


Glass is becoming more common and acceptable today as the building material. Glass speaks of richness and class that explain its modern usage.



Metal has become a favorite building material. However, metal is used for the structural framework of the building. Steel being a metal alloy is the most preferred metal. Gold and silver are also used but not affordable by most people, also not as hard as other material