Five Steps to Preparing Your House for Showings

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When you put your house on sale, you want to get the money quickly, don’t you? Besides, why decline early offers if you do not intend to sell it in the first place? Therefore, the key to a fast sale is at the showings. If you fail to make your home presentable to the potential buyers, not only will it not sell fast, but it may decrease the house’s value as well. 

Make Simple Repairs and Practical Improvements

painting the fenceNow take a look at your house from the outside and start thinking like a buyer. Inspect all the flaws and damages there and slowly evaluate what your impression is. If you have issues with your home, imagine what strangers will feel about it.

Squeaking hinges, hard-to-turn locks, bent frames, and noisy frictions are some minor problems with big impacts on the showings visitors’ impression. However, if you want to go beyond repair and attempt to make some improvements, make sure that they are only for practical purposes. Not everyone shares the same taste as yours. 

Get a Structural Audit

a building planNo matter how beautiful and stylish your house is, if it is not declared safe by a professional building auditor, your showings’ visitors will always doubt the safety of the building. Besides, if your house’s construction is old, any accidents resulting from your negligence can lead to devastating lawsuits. Therefore, spare some budgets for conducting the structural audit.


A spacious house will sell much faster than the ones that look cluttered and cramped. However, that impression is often a result of a careless owner, not the size of the house itself. Hence, sort your belongings and start to evacuate the ones that are not essentials. You can also consider renting a storage facility so that your decluttering task becomes more manageable.

Deep Clean Everything

a pro house cleanerDust on the door frames can be a turn-off for buyers, not to mention dirty floors or stained walls. If you’ve never hired a professional house cleaner before, then this is the time for that. Besides, it is not like you are going to spend your money on the service every week, anyway. 

Here is a list of house parts that need the deep-clean:

  • Windows
  • Blinds or Curtains,
  • Walls
  • Floors 
  • Carpets or Rugs
  • Air Vents
  • All furniture
  • All appliances
  • Bathroom Fixtures

Set a Warm and Welcoming Atmosphere

After you’ve done all the tasks above, you should think about the extras. Having scented candles in the corners of the house, setting up warm lighting, and getting all the rooms at the right temperature are some works that can make your visitors feel comfortable and welcomed. Also, don’t forget to dress nicely and welcome them personally. 

The Role Of A Property Manager

Have you ever considered hiring a property manager to optimize the value of your property? If you haven’t thought about it, now is the time to consider hiring one. A property manager is an individual hired to manage and maintain a real estate property. Ensuring the safety of occupants and their well-being is their first role. Besides, what else do they do? In this post, we explain the critical role of a property manager. Keep reading to unearth more.thumb up

Occupant protection and monitoring

Facility managers manages and control numerous tasks to ensure that property occupants are safe and secure. They make ensure that the property is safe and that in case of any accident, there is a safe way out for the occupants thereby eliminating any chances of the owner being held accountable or facing prosecution due to preventable incidences. Unsafe properties are a risk to occupants and immediate neighbors, but with a property manager, you can minimize such cases through timely reporting and monitoring of your property.

Fire safety

Fire is one of the common threat that faces buildings. In fact, it poses the highest risk for both the business and the lives of the tenants. A property manager will ensure that everything works in order and that several effective measures have been put in place to curb incidences of fire. For instance, a property manager can choose to schedule frequent inspections, maintenance and testing of the fire fighting systems installed in the premises to ensure tenants of the safety of their lives and property.

Physical security

The safety of the lives and the belongings of the tenants is of utmost importance. A good property manager will put adequate security measures to ensure that the occupants of the building are safe from in-house and outside threats. Without physical security, tenants are vulnerable to robbers, and all of them may choose to leave just because of that.

Maintenance and repair

homeAnother role a facility manager plays is the repair and maintenance of the property. For instance, if there are any leaking pipes, broken fixtures, equipment just to mention a few, a property manager will ensure that they are immediately fixed and working in perfect condition. Apart from that a facility manager also ensures that the equipment that is already installed in the property is periodically serviced to maximize their life and use. Tenants are looking for well-maintained buildings, and if yours is not then, you may be missing out on a lot.

Commercial cleaning

Tenants or employees need to live in a clean environment to stay healthy and fit. Otherwise, they will not give their hundred percent to any task that they wish to complete. Thorough cleaning of the property is a must not only for the occupants but also for the better functioning of the equipment already installed. A facility manager will ensure that the property is cleaned daily, weekly or monthly to make sure that the tenants are living in a healthy environment. Residents try to keep away from dirty buildings as much as possible because they are either putting their health at risk and are likely to lose all their clients.